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Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is an indica dominant crossbreed, resulted from mixing OG Kush and also Durban Poison. It’s normally a 60:40 indica: sativa mix, as well as sometimes can be crossed with Cherry Kush. Some preferred descendants of this strain are Thin Mints, Sunset Sherbet, and also Snowman OG. GSC was first established in The golden state, but has actually given that taken the marketplace by tornado. This strain has won several Cannabis Cup awards as a result of its high THC material, delicious taste, and unique results.


This strain creates a powerful, uplifting high that increases one’s mood and produces a sense of euphoria within the customer. GSC has been praised over time for its capacity to urge imagination, in addition to cause waves of energy and self-confidence. The high starts within the mind, with an increase of creative thinking as well as lifted state of mind, and also eventually works out right into the body. As you begin to unwind, Girl Scout Cookies produces relaxation in your muscles as well as mind alike. An award winning strain, the effects of GSC have been extensively commended because of their capacity to brighten one’s day and soothe the mind.

Girl Scout Cookies can successfully loosen up and boost the individual without creating any grogginess or slowness. Due to its nearly even indica: sativa equilibrium, this strain is fit for at any time of the day. Simply ensure to take it slow down with GSC: offered its high THC content of around 28%, it can cause stress and anxiety or pain if over consumed. As long as you understand your limits and regard the material, you’re sure to have a great time with this strain!


Girl Scout Cookies plants expand to a medium elevation, with numerous outstretching branches. While some ranges have carefully wrapped buds and also environment-friendly leaves, fiery orange pistils, and chilly white trichomes, other varieties have lovely purple fallen leaves. GSC is not a high plant, however it offsets its absence of height by having strong arms as well as abundant leaves.

While several variations can occur, GSC has a striking appearance with its intense green buds, which are covered with deep purple fallen leaves and also neon orange hairs. Depending upon exactly how it’s grown, the leaves can range from deep green to purple in color. Girl Scout Cookies absolutely has a lovely appearance, simply staring at this gorgeous strain can brighten up your day!

Flavor and Fragrance

Girl Scout cookies bud has notes of sweet taste, along with spiciness, indicating its stamina and also power. Its Indica homes bring about a strong body high, while its sativa residential or commercial properties bring high levels of bliss and also creativity. Cannabis lovers will conveniently identify Girl Scout Cookies from its unique skunky and also slightly minty scent, followed by natural undertones. Its mix of tastes and fresh smell makes it ideal for any course of cannabis customer.

Growing Girl Scout Cookies

Expanding Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds is evaluated a medium trouble, which suggests you will require to have basic knowledge regarding growing to obtain the highest feasible yields. Girl Scout Cookies plants grow well in warm Mediterranean environments and require huge quantities of room to stretch out their solid branches and also leaves. This strain is fairly resistant to mold and disease, so the main challenge will certainly be creating a low-stress setting where it can prosper.

Girl Scout Cookies can be grown inside your home or outdoors, doing well in both hydroponic as well as soil arrangements. When grown indoors, this strain will certainly produce around 10 ounces per square meter, with the blooming duration being nine to 10 weeks. If you decide to expand outdoors, GSC will certainly generate around 10 ounces per plant- simply see to it you remain in an environment with plenty of heat and also sunshine to ensure that your plants remain healthy and balanced

Medical Benefits

Girl Scout Cookies is widely celebrated for its high THC degrees, which reach up to 28 percent. Because of its equilibrium of indica as well as sativa, GSC gives a vast array of psychological as well as physical benefits. This strain is very practical to those taking care of persistent stress and anxiety or anxiousness, allowing for the user to kick back as well as decompress at the end of their day. When GSC is eaten, its body high, as well as mood-boosting homes certainly help ease any kind of mental stresses the customer is experiencing.

Girl Scout Cookies can also function as a treatment for various kinds of pain, consisting of chronic discomfort and also muscle mass pains. It can additionally treat discomfort resulting from various bone and joint problems like fibromyalgia and also polymyositis, as well as neuropathic discomfort. People who plan on making use of Girl Scout Cookies strain for chronic or extreme discomfort conditions ought to think about eating greater dosages to ensure efficient outcomes.

An additional benefit of this strain is its capacity to soothe nausea or vomiting triggered by chemotherapy or radiation. Furthermore, GSC can likewise assist treat insomnia as well as create a serene atmosphere to assist promote a good night’s remainder.

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